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Brew in a Bag Method Info

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
Links, etc for brew in bag method, thanks Australia


Use a false bottom.
Bag can have shape as above to save corners, eliminate dripping all over the place, and allow for maximum movement in kettle. Bag should be just bigger than kettle, diameter of bag just a bit more than of kettle.
Avoid hot side aeration – don’t pull the bag out fast, but let a bit stay in wort and drain, when you pull out it should not drip much.
coarser crush makes draining easier – or crush very finely
– Mash temp. In my experience, BiaB tends to make for a slightly thinner drier beer than a beer mashed at the same temp in a “normal” way. So I have been adjusting my mash temp up by 1°C the last couple of times and I like the results better. So whatever the recipe you find says, add a degree celcius. Or thats what I’d do anyway.
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