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Cranberry Brown

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
boiling 7 gallons, 5 gallon yield
12 lbs. American 2-row pale malt
1.25 lbs. American Caramel malt
0.25 lbs. American Chocolate Malt
1 oz. Tatenger (Pellets, 6 %AA) boiled 60 min.
1 oz. Cascade (Pellets, 5.5 %AA) boiled 15 min.
Yeast : White Labs WLP001 California Ale info
2 pounds fresh cranberries added with 15 minutes boil left, allow cranberries to burst then strain out. Any sugar from cranberries not included in calculations.
I may add more cranberries to secondary, depending on how it is coming.
update: Original gravity @1.066, after 6 days in primary gravity is 1.022. Red-ish brown, sweet and a bitter note from the cranberries. Cranberry flavor is present but subtle, I could add more without overwhelming it, but think I’ll see how it turns out as is. ABV  6%. I let this get too hot and messed up the attenuation, its a bit on the sweet side.

update final gravity is 1.020. Tartness from the cranberries coming through more, sweet and tart, but not balanced. Not bad but the tart and sweet seem to fight each other, not compliment or balance. More cranberry flavor and finish and less cranberry aroma. Next time I’ll add less cranberry on boil and make up the difference by racking secondary onto crushed cranberries. Color is hazy brown red, would like more red and less brown.

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