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double bock style research

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clean lager yeastbronze to brown color, fluffy white head and bready malt aroma, leaves a rich, warming feeling and subtle spicy flavors.Bock is the German word for “billy goat”

Harrington, Metcalfe and Caramel 60 malted barely is used to obtain that gorgeous mahogany color and intense flavor. The malt character is balanced with a subtle piney, citrus hop note from the Tettnang Tettnanger and Tettnang Hallertauer hops

from BJCP guidelines Pils and/or Vienna malt for pale versions (with some Munich), Munich and Vienna malts for darker ones and occasionally a tiny bit of darker color malts (such as Carafa). Noble hops. Water hardness varies from soft to moderately carbonate. Clean lager yeast. Decoction mashing is traditional.

The decoction brewing method gives bocks and double bocks their unique malt flavors, with less coming from the grains. Decoction develops the maltiness by creating melanoidins in the wort. Melanoidins are created when the wort boils, so extending the boil is called for.

There are some ingredients that remain constant for the style. The malt bill generally contains some percentage of Munich malt which contributes to the malty depth and color of the style.

Noble German hops should also be used even though the hop character of bocks are generally downplayed. Finally, a lager yeast with lower flocculating tendencies should be used so it can survive in the high gravity wort.


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