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Belgian Dubbel

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I just listened to the Jamil podcast on the Dubbel. He goes fast at times, but far as I could tell this is what he suggests for a Dubbel.

Gravity from 1.084 to 1.012 yielding ABV of 6.9 abv >> this is not correct

Boil 90 minutes, add hops with 60 minutes left, no flavor or aroma hops, only a little bitter.

Use the traditional Belgian dark candy syrup for flavor, color and alcohol, and some regular table sugar to dry it out.

Mash low at 149 F because grain bill has so much unfermentables, low mash temp will keep it from getting too thick and chewy.

yeast = wlp 530 belgian abbey

pitch at 64, raise over time to 70

(specific mention of caramunich 60 and special b 120)

I put the recipe in beertools and it predicts the brew will be much too dark to meet the style guidelines. Here is the recipe.

10.5 lbs. Belgian Pils (2-row pilsner malt)
1 lbs. Belgian Munich
0.5 lbs. Belgian Aromatic
0.5 lbs. Belgian Caramunich
0.5 lbs. Belgian Special B
0.75 lbs. Belgian Candi Syrup
0.50 lbs. Corn Sugar
0.9 oz. Tettnanger (Pellets, 4.5 %AA) boiled 60 min.
Yeast : White Labs WLP530 Abbey Ale
ideas –
bring down the special b (caramel, raisin, black)
add crystal 10 (caramel, gold) and 80 (nutty, sweet smooth caramel, red deep red)
reduce Belgian candi syrup to lighten color (Smooth taste, good head retention, sweet aroma)
increase caramunich (Caramel, full flavor, copper color)
here is a chimay red clone recipe http://www.brew365.com/beer_chimay_red.php
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