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Brew Log 11.28.09 – Red Ale

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Brewed an American Red Ale today. https://brewlogblog.wordpress.com/2009/11/29/american-amber-brewed/ John and his daughters Zoe and Tessa came over and hung out with me. We had fun ’til it got cold and dark and the girls got tired. I was still brewing and lost track of a few details. This was my third time with Brew in a Bag process. My process needs some refinement…

  • I got a false bottom earlier in the day but it didn’t fit, need to return that and get something sized right.
  • Almost 14 pounds of grain fit in my 10 gallon brew kettle with 8 gallons water, but it was pretty full. I could have added a couple of pounds before running out of room. If the grain bill is over 15 or 16 pounds I’ll start with 7 gallons water. As it was I was shy of 5 gallons after boil just a bit. With a big grain bill I’ll need to add a gallon before boil. A light bill would work with 7 gallon strike.
  • I burned my bag where it was hanging over the lip of my brew kettle. Need to get kettle centered on burner. Need some kind of heat shield or burn proof bag. Need to get a new bag…
  • The new 20 pound regulator got 8 gallons to 160 in less than 30 minutes.
  • Mashed in at 160 with almost 14 pounds, temp dropped to 148, applied heat to 152 and mashed for 60 minutes.
  • Forgot to raise temp for mash out. Did not drain grains long enough. I think these both contributed to low efficiency.
  • Used a muslin bag for leaf hops. No problem. Pellet hops for flavor and aroma. total of 5 ounces hops, this made a bunch of suspended crap in wort.
  • Tried to strain wort as drained into fermenter, but the strainer bag too too much time.
  • Forgot to aerate.
  • I’m wondering if my thermometer is correct.
  • OG of 1.052, less than expected.

Update – 12.1.09 – Three days later, fermentation has slowed. Pulled a sample, cloudy red, less hop aroma then expected. Gravity at 1.011 ABV @ 5.3.

12.22.09 – a little more bitter than I wanted. I think I’ll do this recipe again, but add the hops later and maybe reduce the bitter hops. Using leaf hops makes it hard for me to tell how much the extra bitterness is due to the extra boil that lasts after I cut the flame or the extra bitter hops used to compensate for putting the leaf hops in a bag and just the differences of using leaf hops. Could be, longer boil after cut flame made aroma and flavor hops give  more bitter, extra leaf made more bitter, leaf was stronger than anticipated, or something else.

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