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Brew Log 1.24.10 – belgian dubbel

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Reusing the abbey ale yeast from the trippel I just moved to secondary. Dubbel recipe here https://brewlogblog.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/belgian-double/

Nice rainy cool day. Almost forgot to put the bag in the water.

7.5 gallon strike at 160.

added grains and stirred, immediate drip to 149 then slowly to 144 over first 40 minutes

flame on to 156, held for 20 minutes

hopped, boiled etc. thermometer cracked…

ended up with 5.25 gallons at 1.062, added 2+ cups of belgian abbey yeast collected from previous triple.

not as clean as I need to be on this one, lets see what happens.

1.28 – gravity at 1.020 – very cloudy with lots of yeast, lighter than expected, straw yellow with caramel brown highlights. I put a glass in the freezer for 20 minutes, 8 oz or so, a good 2.5 inches sediment dropped out. still has fermenting to do. taste is very sweet with sharp yeast bite, spicy.

1.31 – gravity at 1.011 – but still going. will move to secondary in a week.

2.9 – finished at 1.008, abv 7%, a. attenuation 86.5%

tasting notes – overall: nice belgian yeast qualities but too light and thin. flavor has nice belgian yeast present, mildly spicy, hint of orange, thin body, flavor a bit sweet, aroma has brown sugar sweet notes and hints of characteristic belgian spicy fruits or raisins but very mild. very nice and easy to drink, but lacks complexity of dubbel, need real dark candi sugar and more extra special and/or special b or something like that, also could mash hotter for more body. Head does not last at all, no lace. 3.7 – cidery and lack of complexity, very carbonated

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