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brew log 2.28.10 session red 2

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brewing session red 2 at https://brewlogblog.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/session-red-2/

stitched up my burned bag a little bit, still way too many rips, need a new bag.

bag in at 168

Strike @ 165

mashed in at 3:20 – 156 F

Once again mashed in a little hotter than desired. Possible reasons mashing in hotter –

  • thermometer slower to react than I am patient
  • pockets of heat in bag
  • flame is variable
  • adding heat is not a linear thing, maybe the metal in the bottom of the pot has an affect

Next time I will aim 2 degrees lower on calculations and only correct after 5 minutes of mash. Correct with 1 minute burner and 2 minute wait – check temp – burn 1 wait 2 check temp – pattern.

mash ph at 15 minutes – less than 5, added 1 teaspoons of baking soda, raised it too 5.4 or so

4:25 – mash out unknown temp due to another broken thermometer.

4:45 – boil start added hops, boiled @ 7 gallons

5:30 added hops

5:40 hops

5:50 flame off + added hops

6:05 cooled, mini whirlpool,

6:20 in fermenter.

OG – 1.049 @ 6.5 or 6.25 gallons

**need to figure for and make 7 gallons to get 6.5 in fermenter.

**need to note evaporation and boil start volume v post boil volume v collected volume.

3.5.10 – G = 1.012, abv 4.9, aa 76.8

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