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Brew Log 4.7.2010 Bitter Boy

Brewed with Jasperina and Wayne on the deck.

strike 8 gallons at 164, ended at 155.

added heat midway through when dropped to 152, back up to 154.


see recipe at hopville http://hopville.com/recipe/196223/special-best-premium-bitter-recipes/best-bitter

12.5 lb maris otter
1 lb crystal 45
1 lb victory
.5 lb special roast

4 oz goldings, 1.5, 1, .5, .5, .5

It was fun having Jasperina brew with me.

Ended up adding water during boil and still did not yield 7 gallons, got 6.75 or so. Got some dough balls at mash in, but stirred and busted them up. Forgot to raise temp at mash out, but still got around 72% efficiency.

og: 1.051

4.11 FG = 1.017 – seems kind of high but the WLP 002 does that I guess.

Apparent Attenuation around 66% (range is 63 to 70).

ABV @4.5 %

Never got around to priming this, not carbonated at all. Clearest finishing yeast I have used yet. Not as bitter as expected, but bitter is there. Sweeter than desired. Nice color, met expectation on that.

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