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Brewday 4.24.10 wit


7 lb flaked wheat
7 lb 2 row pale malt
1.5 lb flaked oats

1 oz perle 60 min

2oz bitter orange peel 15 min
.75 oz corriander 15 min

mash in 12:10pm

water at 138f, 7.75 gallons, ended at 131f. – higher than aiming, need to compensate and aim to err on low side

rest 15 target but …

12:40 heat to 151, mash 60 min.

boil to 3:05

add 1 0z perle @ 60

Add 2 oz bitter orange peel @ 15
.75 oz corriander @ 15

collected 6 gallons. sparged with 2 gallons at 165.

chilled and pitched

OG 1.054;

mash efficiency 70%

amazing color, white milky white, blue and brown red. but milky white

pitched one vial of wlp 400 belgian wit yeast to 6 gallon in fermentor. left .5 g or so behind in kettle. strained with paint bag and colander.

24 hours later a bit of blow off bubbling out of airlock.

48 hours active fermentation.

bottled a titch over 5 gallons on 5.13.10

FG: 1.012

ABV: 5.48

AA: 77%

very dry and light in color. the white has gone away in secondary. color is pale yellow white.

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