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Brew Log 5.14.10 American Pale Ale

14 LB Pale Malt
1 LB Victory
12 OZ Crystal 45

.5 oz Columbus @ 60 min
1 oz Columbus @ 15 mins
.5 oz Amarillo @ 15 min
.5 oz Columbus 1 min post
.5 oz Amarillo 1 min post

WLP 001 California Ale

target mash in with 8 gallons at 164, aiming for 153 mash

cut heat at 160, a couple minutes later it was 163, must be heat from thick steel bottom or something. There volume was a bit over 8 gallons due to thermal expansion.

mash 152 at 7:45, lost just a bit of liquor as overflow.

almost 16 pounds of grains in just over 8 gallons is too much for the pot.

at 8:30 temp down to 144, added heat, cut heat at 150 and climbed to 154 after cut.

8:45 heat on to mash out temp of 166, missed 168, stirring fast and long seems to reduce residual heat effect.

rest to 9:05

drain and boil, added 1 gallon at 168 as “dump sparge” dumped a gallon hot water slowly over and through bag and strainer, figured i need to add volume anyway, why not. bag was very heavy and drained slowly, need to find a way to set wet bag down and collect final drippings. I do think i got a bit more sugar from grain with dump sparge. the gravity of run off from bag of grains sitting in bucket was 1.030 in sloppy measure.

boil volume at start = 7.5

start boil 9:20

pitched to 6.5 gallons

71 degrees

OG 1.51  – – lower than expected, taste is quite bitter herbal flowery pineapple citrus

mash efficiency at 62%, lower than expected.

5.20 – gravity at 1.011 abv 5.2, aa 77%

5.23 moved to secondary, fg 1.010, abv 5.3, aa 80%

predicted 8 srm 17ebc, darker and redder than expected

6.6.2010 – I am very pleased with this brew; took some to Lois’s that was well received. This is maybe a good start for a amber, just needs a little more color and maybe touch or roastiness. Ended up a little sweet, more than expected. The hops give it good flavor but needs more aroma, and not really crisp, bright or pronounced aroma as desired for APA. Need to try dry hopping.

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