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Brew Log 5.23.10 Pale Ale 2

Recipe at http://hopville.com/recipe/242078/american-pale-ale-recipes/pale-ale-2

13.5 lb 2 row pale
1 lb victory
1 lb crystal 20
12 oz munich

7.25 gallons strike, 162F water got to 148 – added heat to 153.

30 minutes

down to 148, added heat to 154

30 minutes later at 149

add heat to mash out 172

drain and add heat to boil,

After drain, suspended bag on grill in priming bucket, opened up the top, ran @ 1 gallon at 172 through. Collect @ 1 gallon at 1.032, added to kettle, topped up to 7.5 gallons to start boil.

1 oz Columbus 60 min
1 oz Columbus 1 min
1 oz Amarillo 1 min
1 oz Columbus -5 min
1 oz Amarillo -5 min

Collected 6.8  gallons

OG: 1.052

mash efficiency @ 60%

6.6.2010 – FG 1.0134; ABV 5.1; AA: 73.5

after several weeks in bottle I find this disappointing. I think the Munich was a mistake, the malt profile is too pronounced. The beer has too much yeast in it, i sucked too much yeast into bottle bucket on accident. The hop character is not ‘crisp’. It is not terrible or anything, just not what I had hoped for. The Pale Ale at https://brewlogblog.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/brew-log-5-14-10-american-pale-ale/ is better.

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