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Brew Log 6.20.10 – pipeline pale ale 3

Brewing a double batch of apa using 13 pounds grains and adding 9 pounds of extra light DME at the end.

Started by preparing 6 gallons of top off water, filtered and boiled 8 gallons.

Recipe at http://hopville.com/recipe/262932/american-pale-ale-recipes/light-pale-3

10 lbs pale malt, maris otter
9 lbs extra light DME
1 lb victory
1 lb crystal 45
1 lb carapils

60 min 1 oz columbus

20 min 1 oz columbus
1 oz amarillo

10 min 2 oz amarillo
1 oz centenial

dry hop whole leaf 1 oz amarillo

half w/ wlp 001
half w/ safale 5

Mash in 8 gallons at 159, 13 pounds grains, ended with 152 mash strike

Down to 146 after 30 minutes

apply heat to 152, hold 30 minutes

mash out at 169, 10 min

drain, boil, hop


ended up dropping boil when mixed in 9 lbs DME at 10 minutes left in boil, pulled some wort out (@ 2 gallons) and mixed and boiled. hops got an extra few minutes than planned, maybe 5 or so minutes

ended up with 13.5 gallons at 1.054 OG – this went into 2 primary buckets and a 1 gallon glass jug.

June 24 moved to secondary, Gravity at 1.012, ABV 5.5, AA 76.9

dry hopped with .5 oz amarillo in each carboy.

Ended up very happy with this one. Maybe a bit tangy, not sure if that is hops or grains but tastes like grains. Nice body and color, good head and lace.

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