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Brew Log – Longhope Stout 7.27.10

Brewed with Allen on family vacation at Longhope house near Todd, NC. Dad and John hung around and watched. I picked up a Irish Stout kit from Grapes and Vines, augmented with flaked oats, extra flaked barley and crystal 20.  Ended up with very low gravity, I think the oats and barley did not convert due to lack of enzyme or the sugar just did not drain out similar to stuck sparge as both oats and barley got quite gummy.

recipe at http://hopville.com/recipe/294946/sweet-stout-recipes/longhope-stout

may add some extra sugar when I get home… original OG 1.042

later at home, added 1 lb light dme and a bit of white table sugar and maybe 3 oz of brown sugar. boiled with 6 cups water. boiled over a bit when i went to get hydrometer so not I’m not sure how much sugar made it in… This added around .011 gravity points.

after the sugar addition and second ferment cycle, bottled on 8.10.10. FG 1.011, may have @ ABV of about 5, 5.1 or so, hard to tell exactly. There was more trub than usual, maybe car ride or just a meaty style?

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