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Brew Log 1.13.11 Dark Dubbel

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After a heavy snow and several days cooped up in the house.

recipe at http://hopville.com/recipe/444871/belgian-dubbel-recipes/dubbel-4

7 gallons on the fire at 12:45

strike temp 166 at 1:20, this is 1.5 degrees less than calculator; aiming for 154.

added the new bag Chloe and Allen made for me, and 14 lbs grains, ended at temp: 156/157.  a bit high so i threw in a handful of snow, down to 152 within 2 minutes of adding grains. After 40 minutes temp down to 147 (cold out) so added heat to 154. at 55 minutes up to 160. Mash out at 65 minutes at 169.

about 5.5 gallons in kettle right after pulling bag. Drained bag and got over half a gallon. “sparged” bag (dumped hot water over bag in 5 gallon bucket) with @1.5 gallons hot water, got another gallon or so to add to kettle at about 1.030.

added sugars, boil, add hops at 3. added 1 gallon cool water at 3:40 to get up to 7.4 gallons. t00k a while to get back up to boil and then lost a bit to boil over, not much.

did not cool, just let it sit in the cold air, took very long too cool down.

Ended up with 6 gallons at 1.062 or so, then added @ 1 lb of sugar (boiled with water, cooled) to get OG up a bit more, probably ended with OG @ 1.068 or so.

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