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Brew Day 7.9.12 Janet’s Brown Clone Hoppy Amber

July 9, 2012 Leave a comment

first brew in months

Going for a hoppy but balanced brown ale. Came across the Janet’ Brown recipe that seemed about what I was thinking. Inspired by Lagunita’s WTF.

Getting started at 4:30. I’m going to drain in a cooler. I just can’t be bothered. I’ll run a little secondary batch sparge, put @ 1.5 additional gallons through the cooler.

4:50 – start filtering water into bucket

strike 170 f water, 7 gallons to 158 f 14.5 lbs of grain on a hot day

mash between 158 and 150 for 1 hour

mash out 5 min at 170 f

added 2 oz northern brewers hops 15 minutes prior to pulling the bag, same time as adding flame to get to mash out temp. It took @ 10 min to get to 170 f, so let that sit for 15 to get a 15 minute first wort mash, then pulled bag and added flame to get to boil.

start boil @ 7 pm

boiled over bad, lost maybe .5 to .8 gallons, around 10% of wort

boiled 55 minutes

cut flame and let sit for 5 minutes.

started cool down 60 minutes, 8 pm,

cool to touch at 8:30

yielded 5.5 gallons at 1.052

Just realized I forgot to get Chocolate Malt. No where near dark or roasty.

Let’s call it a Hoppy American Amber.


Brew Day 12.27.2011 Perle Crop

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

brewing with my crop of homegrown hops. mostly perle with a little willamette. Maybe 2 or 3 ounces total. going for a light american ale with flora, herbal hops.

92% 12 0 American Two-row Pale 37 2
4% 0 8 Crystal 45 34 45
4% 0 8 Victory Malt 34 25
13 0
Time Oz Type form aa
 60 mins 1 Perle pellet 6.5
 10 mins 1 Perle leaf 5 wild guess AA, but know these were harvested late and not dryed or stored with care…
 5 mins 1 Perle leaf 5
started boil, just over 7 gallons @1:15
Added grains @ 157
Mash @ 150 for  40 minutes
Flame out t0 170
I don’t know what happened but i got very low efficiency, 55%,
with 5.7  Gal of OG 1.045
FG 1.012 a week later.

brew log blondy

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment


7 gallon mash in at 157, for 150 degree mash

4pm start mash @ 150.

4:20 flame on to 150

5:10 mash out at 169 for 10 min.

bottle bucket sparge for 5 or so min with 2.5 gallons water @155.

8 gallons to  boil at 5:45

Put 6.2 gallons in fermenter @ 1.062 — poor efficiency again.

ended a week later at 1.010


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Brew Log – Hoptober Clone

April 25, 2011 2 comments

Aiming for a pretty simple light blonde with a big hop presence, sort of like Hoptober.

Recipe at

2:30 start
3:00 water on; 7 gallons at 80 degrees
3:50 mash in at 161, aiming for 152, came in high at 154, added cold water immediately to 151,
4:20 heat to 153
4:50 mash out heat to 175
5:05 pull bag, degrees, heat to boil.
5:30 Add Hops, start 45 minutes

1.050 100 first
1.030 93 batch runnings, 1 gallon
1.045 110 combined

ended with 5.5 gallons @ 1.060 – 67% efficiency in hopville calculator. Could have gotten a bit more wort from draining whole hops or by getting  more from bag squeeze or bag sparge.

very blond, delicious hop aroma, looks great!

pitched at 67 degrees

few days later at 1.014, a bit tangy spicy, not at all as bitter as expected.

Primary for  a week, secondary for a week with .5 Sterling and .5 Goldings
Nice, almost lemonade in bright citrus tang, yellow, not as much hop aroma as expected.

Very nice, light, drinkable, lemony citrus hops w out graoefruit.

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Brew Log 1.13.11 Dark Dubbel

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

After a heavy snow and several days cooped up in the house.

recipe at

7 gallons on the fire at 12:45

strike temp 166 at 1:20, this is 1.5 degrees less than calculator; aiming for 154.

added the new bag Chloe and Allen made for me, and 14 lbs grains, ended at temp: 156/157.  a bit high so i threw in a handful of snow, down to 152 within 2 minutes of adding grains. After 40 minutes temp down to 147 (cold out) so added heat to 154. at 55 minutes up to 160. Mash out at 65 minutes at 169.

about 5.5 gallons in kettle right after pulling bag. Drained bag and got over half a gallon. “sparged” bag (dumped hot water over bag in 5 gallon bucket) with @1.5 gallons hot water, got another gallon or so to add to kettle at about 1.030.

added sugars, boil, add hops at 3. added 1 gallon cool water at 3:40 to get up to 7.4 gallons. t00k a while to get back up to boil and then lost a bit to boil over, not much.

did not cool, just let it sit in the cold air, took very long too cool down.

Ended up with 6 gallons at 1.062 or so, then added @ 1 lb of sugar (boiled with water, cooled) to get OG up a bit more, probably ended with OG @ 1.068 or so.

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Brew Log – Longhope Stout 7.27.10

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Brewed with Allen on family vacation at Longhope house near Todd, NC. Dad and John hung around and watched. I picked up a Irish Stout kit from Grapes and Vines, augmented with flaked oats, extra flaked barley and crystal 20.  Ended up with very low gravity, I think the oats and barley did not convert due to lack of enzyme or the sugar just did not drain out similar to stuck sparge as both oats and barley got quite gummy.

recipe at

may add some extra sugar when I get home… original OG 1.042

later at home, added 1 lb light dme and a bit of white table sugar and maybe 3 oz of brown sugar. boiled with 6 cups water. boiled over a bit when i went to get hydrometer so not I’m not sure how much sugar made it in… This added around .011 gravity points.

after the sugar addition and second ferment cycle, bottled on 8.10.10. FG 1.011, may have @ ABV of about 5, 5.1 or so, hard to tell exactly. There was more trub than usual, maybe car ride or just a meaty style?

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Brew Log 7.15.10 Pipeline Bitter

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Recipe at

Brewing 12 gallon batch of English Bitter with 4 lbs extra light dry malt extract.

Testing 2 yeasts side by side, wlp002 and wlp007 English Ale vs Dry English Ale, to see the difference.

OG 1.044

mashed for 20 minutes at 152 or so,

then added heat

mash part 2 much hotter than desired, 157?

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