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Brewday 4.24.10 wit

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

7 lb flaked wheat
7 lb 2 row pale malt
1.5 lb flaked oats

1 oz perle 60 min

2oz bitter orange peel 15 min
.75 oz corriander 15 min

mash in 12:10pm

water at 138f, 7.75 gallons, ended at 131f. – higher than aiming, need to compensate and aim to err on low side

rest 15 target but …

12:40 heat to 151, mash 60 min.

boil to 3:05

add 1 0z perle @ 60

Add 2 oz bitter orange peel @ 15
.75 oz corriander @ 15

collected 6 gallons. sparged with 2 gallons at 165.

chilled and pitched

OG 1.054;

mash efficiency 70%

amazing color, white milky white, blue and brown red. but milky white

pitched one vial of wlp 400 belgian wit yeast to 6 gallon in fermentor. left .5 g or so behind in kettle. strained with paint bag and colander.

24 hours later a bit of blow off bubbling out of airlock.

48 hours active fermentation.

bottled a titch over 5 gallons on 5.13.10

FG: 1.012

ABV: 5.48

AA: 77%

very dry and light in color. the white has gone away in secondary. color is pale yellow white.

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Wit beer

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

using orange peel and and

I’ve brewed a couple of all grain Belgian wits and have done a lot of research into this style (it’s my favorite). It seems that most true Belgian style witbiers use unmalted wheat rather than wheat malt. This usually comes in the form of unmalted wheat flakes from the homebrew store. Then you do a step mash @122 deg to break down the sticky proteins that can give you a stuck run off, raising it to 152 for the saccharification step. Also, use half to a full pound of rice hulls in your mash to also prevent a stuck run off. These are also available at homebrew stores. They add no flavor, must add as additional filter material.


This recipe combines ideas from; Brewing Classic Styles and Radical Brewing Add the following to the last 5 minutes of boil; 4T Orange Marmalade or 3.0 oz. Fresh Citrus Zest 0.8 oz. Crushed Coriander seed 0.06 oz. dry Chamomile Flowers 2T White Flour (for that Witbier haze) Mash at 122 for 15 minutes, raise to 154f over the next 15 minutes and hold until conversion is complete.

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