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How to Reuse Yeast

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

1. pitch straight on it

2. Put 8 or more ounces in the fridge to use months later

3. wash then store to use later

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November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

make a small batch of beer to get the yeast started, so there are more yeast and the yeast is more active, in active growth phase. this reduces the amount of time before strong fermentation begins.

Some yeast from store is older, viability can be variable.

Pitching rate – to pitch the rite number of cells, fresh cells, for the taste you want, affects quality of beer.

less = more esters

more = cleaner

boil DME, yeast, yeast nutrient

hops alpha acids coat yeast cells and reduce viability, higher ibu = less viability

wort as if for 1.040 beer – boil 2 liters, .75 cups DME, yeast nutrient, mix .5 of boiling water in, whisk, pour back into boil, add foam control, boil 15 minutes, cool in water ice bath, pitch into that,

stir plate: plans v v

nutrients: oxygen, zinc,

put in 3 liter coke bottle, every now and then squeeze the co2 out and then shake new 02 in.

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